Reverse your point of view

A seat with a double soul

Alia is multi-purpose seat, transforming from a comfy recliner to a more practical chair.
You can have two completely different seating experiences by repositioning you seat-back with one deft movement.
The recliner offers a more relaxed and horizontal feel, while the practical side is more upright and the chair takes up less space.

    The different seating options are governed by the position of a tubular steel structure, which pivots backwards and forwards on its legs. The seat comprises a cushion upholstered with a soft fabric and whose cylindrical shape allows for use on both sides.
    Since it can be adjusted to cover very different seating needs, Alia offers new and exciting prospects.
Design Alessandro Mattia e Gloria Gianatti

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Alia will be previewed during the Milan Design Week 2019, within the Digital Detox Design event in Milan, via Solferino 11, from 9 to 14 April.
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