An encompassing strip in stoneware surrounds a wooden volume, wrapping around it and embracing it. It curves on the two sides and stops at the front to create two doors.

Áine sideboard is part of the “Beyond the Edge” collection for Pollini Home, a company constantly seeking innovation in the field of stoneware slab transformation, which has led to the development of an innovative thermoforming bending technique.
Pollini Home asked us to design a collection of furniture capable of enhancing the new expressive force of thermoformed stoneware.

This is how Áine was born, a sideboard in which the bending process is exploited not only on the sides but also on the doors, where the stoneware flexes to create a protrusion that becomes an ergonomic element.
Presented in preview during the Milan Design Week 2023, Áine, and with it the entire “Beyond the Edge” collection,
demonstrates that it is possible to go beyond the limits imposed by the planarity of slabs to overcome the clear and angular volumes, in favor of a curvilinear and embracing imaginary, made up of soft and connected lines.

Brand: Pollini Home – 2023

Materials: thermoformed stoneware and wood

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