Alkemia Bologna Design Week 2019

Bologna, 23rd – 28th September 2019

Sapiens Design took part in the Bologna Design Week 2019 in collaboration with Digital Detox Design. We presented Alkemia, an artistic itinerary where matter is dissolved, purified and recreated. Each item becomes a tangible sign of transmutation, a creative process that originates from alchemy. Each transmutation concerns ideas, that subsequently by means of ingenuity, become products created in order to satisfy an array of contemporary and aesthetic needs.
In the galleries of Adiacenze, an exhibition space devoted to emerging artists and their investigation into the contemporary, Digital Detox Design gave life to an experiential space in which objects resonate with sounds, fragrances and stories, inviting a moment of disconnection / reconnection, and an opportunity for transformation of meta-physical states.
Staged by Stefano Lodesani Studio.

Exhibited products: Oplàmp and Intrecci

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