Towel holder

An expanse of bright squares that seem to shimmer as they
move in an orderly fashion along a regular grid of streets and intersections. Movement, rhythm, life. This is “Broadway
Boogie-Woogie”, a work by Mondrian, master of geometric abstraction, which inspired the “Broadway” towel holder

designed for Pollini Home. Here too, as in Mondrian’s works, the interweaving of vertical and horizontal lines generates a spatial grid. However, this grid does not close in on itself to incorporate shapes and colors, but rather is interrupted to give life to a path of closed roads, broken lines that serve as towel

Breaking away from the two-dimensionality of the
canvas, the Broadway towel holder becomes a frame capable of transcending its function and becoming a sculptural element
that separates spaces.

Just as in Mondrian every line interacts with the whole, in Broadway every support is related to the others and to its frame.

Brand: Pollini Home – 2022

Materials: stoneware and metal

Broadway portasciugamani Sapiens Design
Broadway portasciugamani Sapiens Design

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