Coffee tables and stool

Continuum collection includes a “tall” coffee table, a “short” coffee table and a stool. It is the result of collaboration with Nestart, a company that recovers waste from the laser processing of steel to create unique and sustainable products.

The diameter of the three objects is designed to recover as much of the scrap sheet as possible. The two-dimensional sheet, which is the scrap from the laser processing of steel, acquires three-dimensionality and takes on a new aesthetic.

The set of coffee tables was made using a calendering process, which is the process that allows the sheet metal to be bent to give it three-dimensionality.

Calendering allowed the material to bend on itself, perpetuating an idea of circularity and continuity.

The design phase of the scrap is oriented to optimize the product, in its entirety, to create this double life. “Continuum” is inspired by the continuity of matter and the eternal return of the philosophy of circular economy.

Finishing: APDesigns
Fotografie: Davide Bartolai

Design: Gloria Gianatti

Nestart 2021

Coffee tables materials: steel and glass

Stool materials: steel

Tall table: d 640 mm, h 406 mm

Short table: d 420 mm, h 304 mm

Stool: d 420 mm, h 450 mm

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