Fuoriserie – Uniqueness for tomorrow

Superstudio Più – via Tortona, 27 – Milan – Italy, 6th-12th june 2022

Sapiens Design and Stefano Lodesani Studio, are the art directors of Fuoriserie – uniqueness for tomorrow, promoted by CNA Nazionale, during Fuorisalone 2022 in Milan.

Negli spazi di Superstudio Più, sette realtà artigiane provenienti da tutta Italia mostreranno al pubblico del Fuorisalone la loro idea di unicità attraverso pezzi di design, prodotti che guardano al futuro in modo sostenibile grazie al loro alto valore artistico e artigianale.

In the Superstudio Più spaces, Seven artisan enterprises from all over Italy showcase their idea of uniqueness through design pieces, products that look to the future in a sustainable way thanks to their high artistic and artisan value.

A collection of objects made with care and quality materials, perfectly fitting the new needs of contemporary living. Products in which the overlapping between design, art and craftmanship gives rise to interesting experiments, capable of generating unique responses, both from a technical-manufacturing and an aesthetic-semantic point of view.
Seven artisan enterprises showcase their own idea of uniqueness: refined products with a profound meaning, able to tell their own story to be maintained over time and passed down to future generations.

Selected brands:

Busatti, Ceramiche Noi, Doodesign , Pollini Home, Nestart, Project the Sign e Op!, W.HOW

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