A monolithic cylindrical volume, sculptural and central, around which accessory elements orbit, a towel holder, a shelf, a countertop.

Giro is a ceramic washbasin, part of the “Beyond the Edge” collection for Pollini Home, a company that, thanks to its continuous research on materials, has developed an innovative technique for curving ceramics through thermoforming.

When Pollini Home asked us to design a collection of furniture that could enhance the new expressive strength of curved ceramics, we created Giro, a column washbasin in which the curving process is fully exploited. 

Giro shows how it is possible to surpass the limits imposed by the flatness of the slab in favor of a curvilinear imaginary, composed of cylindrical volumes and soft lines.

Brand: Pollini Home – 2023

Materials: thermoformed stoneware and wood

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