Experimentation on fabrics

Intrecci is a series of home furnishings created to promote the folk traditions of loom-working techniques.

Intrecci acts as a “trait d’union” for distant cultures and territories that over the years have revived ancient crafts from the north and south, both with their own peculiarities, but both with the honest philosophy that “nothing goes to waste”.
These furnishing are made with recycled materials, combining and weaving fabrics such as mulberry, hemp and cotton.

We have included new materials in the manufacture and along the way we have unearthed the unexpected potential for new uses: the wooden slats, when vertically repositioned, can be repurposed as a small table, the metal wiring allows the fabric to be shaped and give life to a reconfigurable table storage compartment.

Taking advantage of traditional weaving we obtain the coupling elements to the magazine rack framework.

Sapiens Design Collection 2019

Materials: “pezzotti” from Valtellina/”pezzare” from Calabria, with wooden elements and metal elements

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