Air and surface sanitizer

The challenge launched by Emhealia during the Covid-19 lockdown period was to convert a powerful home fragrance dispenser into the most efficient air and surface sanitization system possible.
Working closely with a team of professionals as well as some first-class companies in the field of engineering and automation from all over Italy, frequent and intense Smart Working sessions have allowed us not only to completely redefine the product, but also build a coordinated image, manage paper and online communications and develop the App for remote use.

Our goal was to create a “shell” that can easily fit into any environment, while transmitting through clean and interconnected lines a sense of ease in its use.
The base allows you to orient Kairos in any space and use it on any surface, including the walls or the ceiling.
Kairos (from the Greek “the right time”) is a powerful sanitation system with IoT (Internet of Things) technology that allows you to sanitize the air and surfaces of any environment in an extremely accurate and fully automated way.

Sapiens Design for Emhealia 2020

Materiali: Steel AISI 304, alluminium and HDPE

Dimensions: 184 mm X 170 mm X 380 mm

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