Table lamp

Oplàmp is a table lamp composed of a ceramic body and a solid durmast oak base on which an LED light source is placed. Thanks to its shape, obtained through the fusion of three cones, the Oplàmp’s body can be rotated to three alternative positions that creates different types of light: high table lamp + ambient light, low table lamp + ambient light, or simply two ambient lights.

Oplàmp simultaneously projects two beams of light that create different combination Its design aims to enhance the relationship between people and their living space by combining functionality, lighting and materials. The beams of light that are produced are an idealistic projection of its shape within space and they create an appropriate atmosphere that interacts with its surroundings.

Sapiens Design Collection 2018

Materials: solid oak wood, hand made ceramic

Dimensions: 31cm X 17cm X 31cm

One lamp, three different ways of experiencing light

Oplámp is no ordinary lamp. Its simplicity and wide range of applications make it both charming and extremely useful according to your needs.
Its modern design is inspired by today’s need to blend functionality and integration of your living space. Oplámp’s mobility means it can fit in naturally in any living space, allowing you, the user to change the ambiance with a simple modification of the lamp’s configuration.
Each configuration of the lamp’s cones allows at least one of the beams of light to interact naturally with the surrounding architectural settings.

The beams of light that are created transform your living space, help you in your daily needs and brighten up your life.

Whether it’s placed on a worktable aiding your concentration, illuminating a room or acting as a nightlight on your bedside table, Oplámp will help make your living space bright, welcoming and personal.

Oplàmp is made entirely by hand in Italy.


Red Dot Design Award 2019: Product Design

A’Design Award 2020

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