Table lamp

Design Alessandro Mattia e Gloria Gianatti

Suggestive bright and changing atmospheres characterizes Oplàmp, a lamp that suggests and stimulates different uses. Oplàmp is a table lamp composed of a ceramic body
and a solid wooden base in which is placed a LED light source. Thanks to its shape, obtained through the fusion of three cones, the Oplàmp body can be rotated in three positions that creates different types of light.
Oplàmp simultaneously projects two light beams that create a combination of different lights: high table lamp + ambient light, low table lamp + ambient light, or two ambient lights.
Its design aims to enhance the relationship between man-object-space through a dialogue between function-light- material.
The cones of light emitted are the result of the ideal projection of its form in space and they create a suggestive atmosphere that interacts and integrates with the surrounding architecture.

product hand made in Italy
Ceramics an solid wood
lighting source: LED
Dimension:  31cm X16cm X 36cm

Project selected for Superdesign Show - Milan design week 2017