Coat racks

Pan is a pair of coat racks of different heights, made entirely of recovered steel. It is the result of collaboration with Nestart, a company that recovers waste from the laser processing of steel to create unique and sustainable products.

The components are obtained from the design and optimization of waste materials that come from the industrial processes of steel laser cutting. Starting from a two-dimensional sheet, the processing allowed us to obtain a three-dimensional aspect, a faceted volume with a sculptural value that dialogues with light and environment.

Shapes and dimensions are the direct consequence of modeling a sheet that has been already used, which has intrinsic spaces and qualities.

“Pan”, the deity of the forests, is inspired by nature, large corals, and shrub textures. Its organic value goes beyond the strength of metal and reinterprets it through innovative shapes.

Finishing: APDesigns
Fotografie: Davide Bartolai

Design: Alessandro Mattia

Nestart 2021

Materials: steel

Tall coat racks: 506 mm, 440 mm, h 1800 mm
Short coat racks: 412 mm, 444 mm, h 1450 mm

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