Vases / containers in ceramic and solid wood.

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Essentiality and elegance

Quid is an iconic, expressive and at the same time versatile object, able to stimulate multiple occasions of use.

Multiply the ways of use

Three vases / containers in which wood and ceramic interact in many configurations.
The ceramic body transforms from vase to container, depending on how the wooden element is positioned that can act as both a base and a cap.

Design Alessandro Mattia

"Quid encloses landscapes and nature in an environmental microcosm, relating them to a living context through a process of formal synthesis."


100% made in Italy

Each element of Quid is made entirely by hand in Italy.
Result of the work of artisans who make available their passion and experience.

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Technical features

Solid oak wood

Ceramic with matt white finish

Glossy white glazed ceramic


Winning project of the International Formabilihouse competition - 2015
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