Seduta modulare

The propagation of a wave, the gentle slopes of a hill, the dunes of the desert. But also frequency, music, sinusoidal movement. A visual reference to the organic forms of nature, but also a reference to the intrinsic reality of things.

+uno is a modular chair whose profile generates, by combining multiple elements, a continuous curved line that ideally expands to infinity. The +uno chair was created when Pollini Home commissioned us to design a collection of curved porcelain stoneware furniture.

The company, thanks to its continuous research in the field of porcelain stoneware slab transformation, has exclusively developed an innovative technique for curving porcelain stoneware through thermoforming.

Designing a chair seemed to us the most suitable response to surpass the limits imposed by the flatness of the slabs in favor of a curvilinear imaginary that could overcome the idea of porcelain stoneware as a mere covering material.

Thus, we generated a body with essential volumes, whose base and seat can be customized and combined in numerous material and color combinations. +uno is part of the “Beyond the edge” collection and was previewed at Superstudio during Milan Design Week 2023.

Brand: Pollini Home – 2023

Materials: thermoformed ceramic and wood

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